Questions?...They can be answered here!
Q: What is A: Download unlimited music with your membership.
is the first database of thousands of soothing relaxation and meditation mp3s available all in one package. This site was created for all of the people who need to take a load off and simply breathe deep and relax. is very easy to download, and extremely fullfilling. To listen to some of the music click here

Q: What does this site provide? A: Hundreds of relaxing songs, new age songs, and mediation songs.
YOU can DOWNLOAD as many of our mp3s as you like, as many TIMES as you want, for a small, ONE-TIME payment. You will then get INSTANT ACCESS to our DATABASE -The MP3s are High-quality. Members of our site can also reach us 24-7 on my phone with AIM. We upload new tracks every week and add new resources every month. I'll say it again! -IT IS JUST $34.95 FOR THE WHOLE THING! -You dont have to pay for each song. -You get all of them. I'll see you in the Database section.

Q: What exactly do you get when you become a member? A: Access to our database forever. You can download all of our mp3's as a member.
When you become a member you get full unlimited access to our mp3 database which is here THOUSANDS of relaxing mp3s are in our database, and other valueable resources. No catch, no recurring fees and NO LIMITS!!! EVERY TRACK you have heard so far on this site, and HUNDREDS more are JUST AS soothing!
Q: What if I lose my password? A: Email us and we will send you another one!
If you are a paid member and you cannot access the database, simply contact us by email with your name and we will issue you a new password with direct access.
Q: Is the initial fee a one time only fee? A: Yes. purchase a membership and you will have access forever with absolutely no hidden fees.
Yes It is a one time fee! You only need to purchase your RelaxingMusicSource membership ONCE and then you will receive unlimited access to all our features. There are absolutely no hidden monthly or annual fees whatsoever. Other services that are similar might charge additional fees but RelaxingMusicSource is a one time flat fee which gets you full access.
Q: After I sign up, when can I begin using the system? A: Immediately, you will be given a user & password within 5 seconds of your purchase.
After you submit your payment information to ClickBank, you will automatically be given login information to access our members section. Members can also sign in on the homepage, click the "members" link and login with your username and password that was given to you. You will not be required to download anything or submit any personal information.
Q: Can I pay using a credit card, electronic check or paypal? A: Yes.
You can purchase a membership to through ClickBank with Visa or MasterCard, with an electronic check or debit card, or with Paypal.
Q: Is it difficult to download? A: It is simple and fast.
The database will work with all computers (PC and Mac) and all operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux). If you run into a problem opening an mp3 or accessing a link, we provide links to update your system and we offer 24-7 customer service, so just simply contact us by email and we have people standing by to help you.
Q: Do you have sleep deprivation AND meditation music? A: Yes, and 10 other genres of music.
Yes we have over 20 genres of relaxation, meditational, sleep deprivation, self help and alternative healing music, and we upload new music every week.
Q: Is my computer compatible? A: Yes. All computers are compatible with
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